Indutrial Projects

     A number of factories for M/s BPL India Ltd., and group of companies at Bangalore and      Palghat.

.  Ramaraja Nagar at Hyderabad for M/s. Satyam Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

.  M/s. NATCO FINE Pharmaceuticals Ltd., at Hyderabad.

. M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Hyderabad.

.  M/s. Crystal Polymers Ltd., at Hyderabad.

.  M/s. OBRA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., at Hyderabad.

.  M/s. Deepu Polymers Pvt. Ltd., at Hyderabad.

.  M/s. NEO-PLASMA Pvt. Ltd., at Hyderabad.

.  M/s. Indo-Maxwell Ltd., at Bhubaneshwar for M/s Suchitra Electronics Private limited

.  M/s. Esses Eltec Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Kiddy Concepts Pvt. Ltd.

.  M/s. Cheminor Drugs Ltd.

.  M/s. Globe Organics Ltd.

.   M/s. Controls & Schematics Pvt. Ltd.

.   M/s. Natco Laboratories Ltd., at Kothur.

.   M/s. Natco Parenterals Ltd., at Nagarjunasagar, A.P.

.   M/s. Shrimp Farm and Hatchery for M/s. Siraga Aqua farms & Exports Ltd., near nellore,       A.P.

.   M/s. Shrimp Farm and Hatchery for Ms. Indo-Aquatics Ltd., near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

.   Shrimp Farm, Hatchery and Processing Plant for M/s. Sol Backbay Aqua Ltd. at Tuni, A.P.

.   M/s. Controls & M/s. Shrimp Farm and Hatchery for M/s. Vijaya Marine Projects Ltd., near      Tuni,       Andhra       Pradesh.

.   Fine Drugs And Chemicals Ltd., Hyderabad.

.   Compressor Factory for M/s. BPL Engineering Ltd., near Patancheru, Hyderabad.

.   Distillery for M/s. Pioneer Distilleries Ltd. at Nanded Dt., Maharastra.

.   Oceanic Farms Ltd., near Tuni, A.P.

.   Bulk Drugs Factory for M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. at Hyderabad.

.   Sterile Formulations Plant for M/s. Natco Pharma Ltd at Hyderabad and Nagarjuna Sagar.

.   White Button Mushroom project for M/s. Sugam Agrotech Ltd.,at Peddapuram.

.   Bulk Drug Project for M/s. Roopa Industries Ltd. at Patancheru.

.   Bulk Drug Project for M/s. Brilliant Investment Ltd. at Pashamylavaram.

.   Flori Culture Project for M/s. Kora Roses at Banglore.

.   Flori Culture Project for M/s. Mali Florex at Banglore.

.   Drug Intermediates for M/s Natco Organics at Madras.

.   Bulk Drug Project for M/s. Viskan Drugs & Research Labs Ltd. at Hyderabad.

.   M/s. Controls & Schematics Pvt. Ltd.

.   M/s. Controls & Schematics Pvt. Ltd.

Power Plants:

.   6.0MW power plant for Suchand Power Gen limited near Nandyal.

.  6.0MW Bio mass power plant for Gayatri Agro Industrical Power limited at Suryapet,      Nalgonda