Special Structures

lift irrigation

lift irrigation

lift irrigation


Tadipudi and Pushkara LIS Phase-II which includes wells, pump houses over wells, sub station, delivery cisterns etc. The cost of civil works for both is 40 crores.

The wells, pump house over the wells, sub station and delivery cisterns are RCC structures.

Jack down technology is used for well sinking to facilitate smooth and to control the tilts to a minimum while sinking.


TRAC India (P) Ltd. is developing an Eco-Theme park in Kothagudha over a total area of 105 acres. The Theme park consists of a Night Safari, Amphitheatre, Hotels, Entertainment rides and Club Houses etc. as a part of the Eco-Tourism project developed by the state of Andhra Pradesh. The whole project is being designed as per the specifications of LEED (green buildings).  





The girders are launched from the casting yard to the spans by using a fabricated Box type launching truss of 48 m length and 1.6 m x 2.4 m type. Two girders can be launched in one operation. Truss shall be moved with the help of rollers duly pulling with winch upto the erected false spans. Gantries shall be placed duly fitted with transverse trolleys for transverse movement of the Girders.